Words in a Row

Spelling and grammer and all that stuff--supposibly its like, real important!


Furry Peeps


Vaya Con Dios, Little Critter

We’re still work­ing on Best Half’s new digs for her salon; I stopped by ear­ly this morn­ing on my way home from tak­ing Mom to the eye doc­tor to pick up some tools I need­ed and dis­cov­ered a pos­sum curled up sleep­ing on the side­walk in front of the door. I thought “Aw, how cute!” for a sec­ond and took this pho­to, but then I thought “Wait, some­thing’s wrong here. Pos­sums don’t sleep out in theRead More

Touched by an Angel

Ten years since she left us: Here’s to one of the great­est dogs of all time. 

My Dad’s Hands

I didn’t look like a kid with big hands; I looked like a kid wear­ing a pair of those giant foam hands they use to play Slap­jack on the Tonight Show with Jim­my Fallon.

Sasha the Rez Dog

Our dogs got into a fight Mon­day. They say not to break up a dog fight, but I’m not gonna sit and watch them fight­ing in the liv­ing room. Sasha had pro­voked a num­ber of fights with Pep­per, and Pep­per would grab Sasha by the scruff of her neck and just pin her down while Sasha snapped and snarled; we’d grab a tow­el or blan­ket and cov­er Sasha’s head, then grab their col­lars and pull themRead More