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Assisted Twister

You’ve heard this say­ing: “If you don’t like the weath­er in (wher­ev­er you are), just wait five min­utes and it’ll change!” This, my friends, is Fake News. I’ve lived in, or spent enough time in, enough states to get an idea what the weath­er is like: Ore­gon, Wash­ing­ton (State and DC), Col­orado, Texas, Ari­zona, Flori­da (and Aku­mal, Mex­i­co and Guangzho, Chang­sha, and Hong Kong in Chi­na). But I grew up in Kansas Kansas is the onlyRead More

Pope Ernie

Call me Pope Ernie. Or His Holi­ness Ernest the Oneth, if you’re a Shi­ite Catholic.

The True Story of the Maximally Flaccid Pud and Your Tax Dollars at Work

I wonder if I overdid this. Nah, it's perfect.

Dick, Willy, Rod and Peter would like a word.

Touched by an Angel

Ten years since she left us: Here’s to one of the great­est dogs of all time. 

To Gilligan or Not to Gilligan

Yes, you're right: The Simpsons never appeared on Gilligan's Island. How very clever of you.

You know what’s wrong with kids these days? I’ll tell ya what’s wrong with kids these days! When I was a kid, every­one I knew was famil­iar with the aria “Votre toast je peux vous le ren­dre” from the opera Car­men, aka “The Tore­ador Song” (skip ahead to 1:12): No, we weren’t opera buffs. Bear with me a sec. Car­men is an unusu­al opera, giv­en that its libret­to was orig­i­nal­ly in French. Here are the orig­i­nal lyricsRead More