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Words in a Row

Spelling and grammer and all that stuff--supposibly its like, real important!

Rudolph the Red-Foot Rhino

♬ Rudolph the gore-foot rhino ♬

♬ Had a stu­pid San­ta hat ♬

♬ And if you thought he was a reindeer ♬

♬ You’re a moron, dude; what’s up with that? ♬


♬ All of the ack­shul reindeer ♬

♬ Used to laugh and call him names ♬

♬ I say “used to” ‘cuz our hero Rudolph ♬

♬ Stomped out their use­less rein­deer brains! ♬


♬ Then one fog­gy Christ­mas eve ♬

♬ San­ta came to say: ♬

♬ “Rudolph with your gory feet ♬

♬ “Let’s find the near­est bar: my treat!” ♬


♬ “You’re not mad then?” said our hero Rudolph ♬

♬ “No WAY!” said San­ta heartily! ♬

♬ “Who needs a bunch of elves and reindeer ♬

♬ “When I have a sweat­shop overseas?” ♬

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