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Spelling and grammer and all that stuff--supposibly its like, real important!

He Is He Said

Writ­ing any­thing auto­bi­o­graph­i­cal is kind of like the sec­ond verse in that Neil Dia­mond song “I Am I Said”:

Did you ever read about a frog

Who dreamed of bein’ a king

And then became one?

Well except for the names

And a few oth­er changes

Like leav­ing out irrel­e­vant stuff and com­press­ing the time­line a bit

And not bor­ing your read­ers with stuff that’s only inter­est­ing to you

And try­ing to include a few minor details for col­or with­out look­ing like every lit­tle thing is Chekov’s sword

Or using too many buzz­words or memes that won’t be fun­ny by this time next year

And chang­ing a few inci­dents to make them sound more believ­able even though that’s real­ly what happened

And leav­ing out a song lyric or movie quote you love but you couldn’t get per­mis­sions for them

Not to men­tion that real­ly fun­ny thing you mom did but she’ll mur­der you if you include it…

The story’s the same one!

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  1. […] I was 9 and not too sharp on the sub­tler nuances of gram­mar and spelling, so when I saw the sin­gle “One Night Stand” on the night­stand, my first thought was Why would any­one sing a song about a piece of fur­ni­ture? 1 […]

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