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Words in a Row

Spelling and grammer and all that stuff--supposibly its like, real important!

A Hell of a Band

This post is about a song by The Right­eous Broth­ers. I don’t know if they real­ly were right­eous, but I do know they weren’t brothers.

My Dad’s Hands

I didn’t look like a kid with big hands; I looked like a kid wear­ing a pair of those giant foam hands they use to play Slap­jack on the Tonight Show with Jim­my Fallon.

Fishes in the Deep Blue Sea

Death has an iPhone 5s and a pair of Beats headphones?

Sasha the Rez Dog

Our dogs got into a fight Mon­day. They say not to break up a dog fight, but I’m not gonna sit and watch them fight­ing in the liv­ing room. Sasha had pro­voked a num­ber of fights with Pep­per, and Pep­per would grab Sasha by the scruff of her neck and just pin her down while Sasha snapped and snarled; we’d grab a tow­el or blan­ket and cov­er Sasha’s head, then grab their col­lars and pull themRead More

In These Difficult Times

In these abom­inably wretched vile trag­ic despi­ca­ble times, these times can be abject­ly shocking.

Children of the Sun

It was the '70s, okay? Everything had to have a vaguely erotic nude airbrushed chrome hood ornament thingy.

It’s been at least 35 years since I thought of this song. If you were in high school in the late ’70s, you’ll prob­a­bly shriek in hor­ror and out­rage just from see­ing the title and artist: “Chil­dren of the Sun” by Bil­ly Thor­pe. If, like me, you bought the album, you no doubt remem­ber Thor­pe and the rest of band looked mighty weird, even by ’70s stan­dards: In addi­tion to the req­ui­site vague­ly erot­ic nudeRead More

He Is He Said

Writ­ing any­thing auto­bi­o­graph­i­cal is kind of like the sec­ond verse in that Neil Dia­mond song “I Am I Said”: Did you ever read about a frog Who dreamed of bein’ a king And then became one? Well except for the names And a few oth­er changes Like leav­ing out irrel­e­vant stuff and com­press­ing the time­line a bit And not bor­ing your read­ers with stuff that’s only inter­est­ing to you And try­ing to include a few minor details for col­or with­out look­ingRead More